Welcome to LogixSynergy

Data Driven Decisions

Cultivate a process of data-guided decision-making with LogixSynergy

Based on a single verifiable source, LogixSynergy focuses on verifying the quality of information and reporting for your unique workflow, ensuring that accurate data capture happens and continues throughout the lifecycle of your project and programs.

We address Project Management Challenges:

  • Mobile - Work from anywhere via web or mobile
  • Integrated - Compatible with your ERPs
  • Secure - 256 bit end to end encryption

Data transmitted is geotagged and time-stamped to ensure traceability and accountability for the tasks assigned. LogixSynergy increases transparency into your organization’s processes, ensuring better quality, and greater accountability.

Program and Product Tracking

Eliminate spreadsheets and create custom tracking forms to monitor performance across a host of metrics support continuous improvement.


Create custom reports and analyze performance of your crews, while enabling automated report-outs.

Quality Control

In addition to our new project management tracking systems, LogixSynergy tracks deviations and more text right here.

Custom Form Building

LogixSynergy enables custom project tracking forms. Within minutes, you can create your organization and any metrics required for the project.

Eliminate Spreadsheets

Reduces your companies reliance on spreadsheets for offline analysis. Data is more text goes right here.

Role-Based Permissions

Relevant Information is always presented cleany and clearly based on role and more text here responsibilities.